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A Smile Is Just a Smile, or Is It? After obtaining a business and engineering degree in South Korea, Hun Lee Kim spent six months in a management training program at a prestigious U.S. university. He has three years of work experience in Korea and Singapore and he was hoping to get a one- or two-year internship in a large U.S. high-tech firm before he returns home. All his efforts for the past three months have failed and Kim is very discouraged. Kim had prepared a detailed resume and attached a picture of himself in which he was careful to project a solemn expression that would show potential employers his respect for them and the seriousness with which he takes this activity. Out of twenty letters and resumes he sent out, he received only three interviews. All his other classmates had eight to ten interviews and all had at least two offers. For all three interviews, Kim gathered considerable information about the company and was extremely well prepared. During the interviews, he was careful
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