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Library Assignment-3 NEWNats 1670-2

Library Assignment-3 NEWNats 1670-2 - Both parts of the...

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Library Assignment #3 Nats 1675A This assignment is composed of two submissions: A: An annotated “webliography” which provides an analysis of four websites on your topic and correct citations for each website. In your analysis please comment on the sponsor of the website and any biases you perceive. Do NOT use Wikipedia as one of your websites. B: A webpage or “Powerpoint “ presentation of information which you think is significant to explain the topic to an audience of your peers. You may choose the audience: students, religious group, social group, community group. You may be as creative as you like, but the marking is based on the organization and quality of information presented.
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Unformatted text preview: Both parts of the assignment are to be submitted together in hard copy. Colour printing is not required. You do not need to resubmit assignments 1 and 2. Marking scheme for assignment 3: Part A: Webliography Appropriateness of website as source of information: 1-3 marks for each Citation: 2 marks for each Analysis of website: 1-4 marks for each Part B: Presentation Identification of group/audience: 1 mark Citation of sources including any graphics: 5 marks Bibliography: 3 marks Organization of presentation: 5 marks Quality of information: 5 marks Language usage: 3 marks THIS PAGE MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR ASSIGNMENT AS THE COVER PAGE. Name: Student number: Topic:...
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