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CS170 - Spring 2010 Problem Set 2 Out: Jan 29, 2010 Due: Feb 5, 2010, 4pm Please write your name, your student ID number, course name (CS170), homework number (this is HW#1), your TA’s name and your section number on the first page of all of your homeworks, and staple all the pages together. Please put your name, CS170 and homework number on all the pages (in case they get separated). Note DPV = Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, Vazirani refers to the textbook. So DPV 2.5 refers to Problem 5 in Chapter 2 of DPV. 1. DPV 2.5 2. DPV 2.11 3. DPV 2.15 4. DPV 2.18 5. DPV 2.24 6. DPV 2.32
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Extra Credit: In class (on Feb 3) we will complete our analysis of our simplest divide-and-conquer algorithm for matrix multiplication (the one that reduces n-by-n matrix multiplication C = A B to 8 multiplications and 4 additions of n 2-by-n 2 matrices), and show that it only moves O ( n 3 /M 1 / 2 ) words between main memory and a cache of size M < n 2 . An analgous analysis can be done for Strassens method, showing that it only moves O ( n /M x ) words, where = log 2 7 2 . 81, and x is another constant. What is x ?...
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