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SRI LANKAN BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD MODEL PAPER 2008 Instructions: Final examination contains two parts to the test, A and B. Part A consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Part B consists of 25 short answer questions. Part A questions, each score 1 mark, total 50 Part B questions, each score 2 marks, total 50 You have a total of 2 hours to complete both sets of questions. This Model Examination contains 10 multiple choice questions and 8 short answer questions. Part A – Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following is not true regarding proteins? (1) Some proteins increase the rate of specific chemical reactions. (2) Some proteins form either long fibrous molecules while others make compact globular molecules. (3) Some proteins contain sulphur in their composition (4) Some proteins combine with nucleic acids to make complex structures (5) Some proteins form the hereditary material of some viruses + 2. Which of the following reasons could have been mostly responsible for great biodiversity extinction that happened in Permian period? (1) Epidemic diseases (2) Climatic changes + (3) Appearance of reptiles (4) Volcanic action (5) Impact of meteorites
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3. Sri Lanka is named as a biodiversity hotspot because, Sri Lanka has (1) highest number of species in the Asian region (2) large land areas of rain forests (3) very large population of migratory birds (4) a large number of highly threatened species + (5) a high species diversity 4. For which of the following events of photosynthesis thylakoid membranes are least important? (1) Excitation of chlorophyll molecules by light energy (2) Transfer of electrons from chlorophyll molecules to primary electron acceptor (3) Synthesis of PGA + (4) Synthesis of ATP (5) Synthesis of NADPH 2 5. Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding reproduction of
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