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review1 - AP World Review Portfolio UNIT 1 8000 BCE 600 CE...

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AP World Review Portfolio UNIT 1: 8000 BCE – 600 CE BIG IDEAS: Refer to College Board AP World outline GEOGRAPHY: Regional P.E.R.S.I.A. snapshots TIMELINE / CHANGE OVER TIME HISTORICAL ID’S QUIZZES / ESSAYS (DBQ, CC, COT) REVIEW QUESTIONS Of all the time periods covered in the AP World History curriculum, Foundations (8000 BCE - 600 CE) spans the largest number of years. It begins with an important Marker Event - the Neolithic Revolution - and ends after the fall of three major classical civilizations - Rome in the Mediterranean region, Han China, and the Gupta Empire of India. Broad topics addressed in the Foundations time period are: Environmental and periodization issues Early development in agriculture and technology Basic cultural, political, and social features of early civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, Shang China, and Meso/South America The rise and fall of classical civilizations: Zhou and Han China, India (Gupta Empire), and Mediterranean civilizations (Greece and Rome)
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