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Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, Seventh Edition

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ECON 301 Review Session October 3, 2007 TA: Judit Temesvary Material to review: Problem sets #1-3 Assigned Powerpoints on "Intro to Econ" and the "PPF" Varian Chapters V1, V2, V3 ,V4, V5, V6, V8, V9, V15 and V16 (Note: in some of these chapters we only touched on a few parts so far, so let your lecture notes be your guide as to what you might want to read. Use the book as a backup resource. I WILL NOT test on things in the book that I did not come close to covering and that are not just variations or basic extensions on the themes we addressed in class.) Lectures: All material up to and including the lecture on Thursday Sept 27 Exercises: u 1 U (Fall 2006 Prelim 1A Question 1) Angelina and Brad both produce movies and TV interviews with their time. The time input is measured in person-hours, movies are measured in number of movies and TV interviews are measured in number of shows. Fractional units are just allowed for all values. The table below shows time input requirements to produce a movie and a TV interview for Angelina and for Brad. (It is assumed that the time requirements per movie or TV interview remain the same regardless of the total time spent on the production of each). Both Angelina and Brad have 100 hours of time available, which can be
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Review Session 301_f07 - ECON 301 Review Session TA Judit...

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