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MIDTERM TEST 1 NAME: _____________________________________________ PROFESSOR: VICTOR ALEGRIA Instructions: a) Choosing to have take home test means that you will spend extra time and putting extra effort in doing the test by using a software package such as Excel in order to organize, calculate, graph and present the data in a NICE, NEAT AND IN A FANCY WAY . This is an important factor when I grade your test. b) 1 st Mid-Term is giving out on Wednesday February 27, and is due on Monday March 03. c) 1 ST take home Mid-Term is individual. d) Show all your work. e) Mark, Circle and/or Highlight your answer. f) Do not miss your Last Name, First Name. g) I will be at Alexander Library between 12:30 to 13:30 on Sunday March 02. Please e-mail me in advance to request a 5 minutes help between that time. No walk ins. Bring specific questions after you have tried to solve them. 1. FILL IN THE BLANKS a) The process of collecting information from the entire population is called __________ b) The arithmetic mean is affected by _____________, while the median is not. c) There are two types of models: ____________________ and _________________ d) A sample is a _________________ of the populations. e) The number of different ways of choosing a committee of 3 employees from a group of 10 is ___________ f) The total number of 4-letter words is ______________ g) MALE/FEMALE is an example of ______________ variable 2. TRUE or FALSE a) Range is a measure of variability ( )True ( )False b) An outlier does not affect the mean ( )True ( )False c) S is a parameter ( )True ( )False d) Box-Plot uses Min,Q1,Q2,Q3,Max ( )True ( )False e) A Pie chart is the best graph for a quantitative variable ( )True ( )False f) In a Combination problem the order of the elements is important ( )True ( )False g) A histogram is built directly from the data ( )True ( )False h) In any histogram, the SD must be larger than the mean: ( )True ( )False 3. MULTIPLE CHOICES i) How many different words of 5 can we create with 20 different letters? a) 1860480 b) 15504 c)2.432902008*10^18 d)840 e) none ii) Contingency tables are used with what kind of data? a) Continuous (univariate) b)discrete numerical (univariate) c)Continuous (bivariate) d) Categorical (bivariate) e) N/
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course STATS 211 taught by Professor Alegria during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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