Chapter 8-pgs 268-272

Chapter 8-pgs 268-272 - A.P US Artem Kholodenko Mods 6/7/8...

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Unformatted text preview: A.P. US Artem Kholodenko Mods 6/7/8 0109 Notes for pgs. 268 – 272 John Marshall and the Supreme Court Two Famous Marshall Cases Marshall’s Opponents The Missouri Compromise James Tallmadge Support and Opposition Missouri Problems- In 1819 he issued 2 rep. stunning opinions: 1. In the case of Dartmouth College v. Woodward , where there was a question about NH transforming a small Dartmouth Corp. into a state university; Marshall said that it 1769 Charter was a contract it was unconstitutional to interfere with contract; He added that if a state messed with a charter it gave up power to alter the charter and authority to regulate it - 2: The case of McCulloch vs. Maryland followed; it was about MD’s power to tax a national corp., Baltimore Branch of 2 nd US Nat. Bank; bank was national but most stock holders private; the tax was named unconstitutional because a state couldn’t tax national institutions and it came down to a loose vs. strict interpretation- Madison and Monroe were dismayed by the decision because people blamed the bank for many of the economical problems in the US, and Marshall placed the bank beyond any regulatory...
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Chapter 8-pgs 268-272 - A.P US Artem Kholodenko Mods 6/7/8...

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