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Unformatted text preview: can be eaten ( ) Can opener Canada Canadian canal Cancel Candidate Candle Candlestick Candy Canoe Cantaloupe Canvas Canyon Capital Capital employed Capital inflow Cappuccino Capture Car Car problems Caravan Card holder Care Careful Careless Carelessly Caribbean Sea Carousel Carpenter Carriage Carriage Carriage Carrot Carry Carry on Cartogram Carved out of Cash discount Cash register Cashews Cashier Casino Castle Cat Catalyst Cataract Catch catch (caught) catch a train catch fire catch fish Caterpillar Cathedral - Cattle Cauliflower Cave cave Cavity CD-ROM Ceiling Celebration Celery Cell cell Cells Cemetery Center center Centerpiece / cushion central central america Century certainly Chain Chair Chalkboard eraser Chamber of commerce Champagne chance Chandelier Change change change (d) Chapel Chapter Characteristics charcoal Charge Charity Charity Charity Chart Cheap Cheat Check Check list Checkered Checkers Cheek cheer Cheer cheer (ed) Cheese Chef Chemical fertilizer chemistry ( ) / - - Cheque bank Cherries Chess Chest Chewing gum Chicken Chief child childhood Children Chilly Chimney Chin china Chocolate Choir Choking Chops Chopsticks Chrisitian christmas Church church (es) cigarette Cigarettes Circle Circulate Circulating capital Circus cities City city Civil defence Clam clam Clap Claw clay Clean Cleaning house Cleanser clearly Clerk Client Cliff Climb Climber Clipboard Clock Clock tower Closed closed road Clothespin " " (25/12) Cloudy Clown Coalition Coaliti...
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