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Unformatted text preview: Dinosaur Dip Direct costs Direction Direction Directives Director Director Dirt road Dirty Disabled Disadvantages Disaster- prone area Disastrous Disco Discount Discount discuss (discussed) discussion Diseased heart Disguised unemployment / / - / / Dishonest Dishwasher Disk Disk drive Dismiss Disorder Disown Disrupt Disruptive Dissaving / diseconomy Dissident Divergence / spread Diversification divide into (d) Dividend Dividend Divine religions Diving Diving board Division do does (did - done) Doctor Document Document Documents Dog Dog racing Dolphins Dome Domestic policies Don't touch Don't mind Donate Door Door knob Door knocker Doorman Dormant dabt. Double Double Doubles competitions Down down Down payment Downward adjustment Dozen Dragon Dragonfly Drama Dramatically Drawbacks Drawee Drawer - ( ) / drawing Drawing account drawing board Dress Dresser Dressing Drill Drill Drill Drill bits Drilling machine Drink Drinking straw Drive mad Driver Driver's license Drought Drugs Drugstore Drum Drummer dry (dried) Dry cleaners Duck Duly Dump Dust pan E-mail E.O.M. ( end of month) Each each each other Eagle Ear Earache Early Earn a living Earner Earner Earnings revenues Earrings Earth Earthquake Easel East East Eat Eat away Ecmonic receovery ( revival ) Economic malaise Economic rate of retum Economic slump / Drill bits - - / / Economist Edge Educate Efficient Eggplant Eggs egypt egyptian Eight Eight Eight hundred Eighteen Eighteen Eighth Eighty Eighty either either .... or .....
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