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Unformatted text preview: . Elastcity of demend Elbow Elders Election campaign Election theme Electorate electric Electrical plug electricity electronic Elephant Elevator Eleven Eleven Embargo embassy Emergency Emergency meeting Employ Employ Employee Employee` Employer Employment Empty Encyclopedia Endogenization Energy Engaged Engine engine engineer engineering England / / 8 18 80 ( ) .. ... 11 / English enjoy (ed) Enormous enough Entertainment Entitled Entrance Envelope envelope Environment Equality Equalization Equation Equipment Equipment Era Eraser Escrow account especially Espresso Essential Establish a record etc. (etcetera) Europe europe European Evacuation even even if Evening Event Eventually eventually Eventually ever every everybody everyone everything everywhere Evidence Evil Ex- gratia Ex officio exactly exam Excerpt Exchange Exchange Exchange Exchange exchange rate / ( ) / / Excise duty Excited excited exciting exclaim (ed) Excursions Excuse me Executives Exercise Exhibition Exit Exotic Expand Expand Expedient Expendibure Expenditure / outlay Expensive experiment Expire Expiry Expiry Date Explorer Explosion Export Exposte Express approval Extension Extension officer Extention extra Extrabudgetary Extract Extractive industries Extraordinary Extremely Eye drops Eyebrow Eyelashes Eyelid Eyes F.O.B. ( free on board) Fabric Face face cream Face value Face value Facility Factory Faint Fainted Faithful / / " " ( ) / Faithfulness Faithless (disbeliever) Fall Fall fall (...
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