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Unformatted text preview: a bit A bit extra a block of flats A box of matches A buoy A cherry tree A consumer a few a happy new yea a hundred A hunter- gather A long time A party's parliamentary body A priori A quarter past one p.m. A quarter past three p.m. A quarter past two p.m. A quarter to four p.m. A quarter to three p.m. A quarter to two p.m. A yield A.O.G. ( arrival of goods) Abandon Abdomen Ability to pay Ablution Ablution with sand Aboriginal Above Abroad Abstain Abuse Abusive Accelerated increment Acceleration Access Accessible Accident Accommodate a request According to Account Number Accountant Accounting ratios Accounts Accounts payable Accounts receivable Accrue Accrued Accruing inerest Accurate (adj.) Across / / / ( ) - / - - / / Act Act of God Action plan (agenda for action ) Actor Actress Actually Adapt Adaptable Adaptation Adapter Added value Addition Address Address book Adjudication Adjust programme Adjustment Adjustment bureau Administration Administrator Admission Adopt Adore Advantage card Adverse Advertisement Affection Affluent society Afraid Africa African After Afternoon Age Age analysis of accounts receivable Agency substitutes Aggravation / recrudescence Aggregation Agile Agree Agreement Agricultural credit Agricultural loan Agro- based Aid cutoff Aim Airmail Airplane Airport Aisle Aisle seat Alarm - ( ) - - - Alarm clock Alienation/ retention Alive All All time high / unprecedented Allergy Alligator Almonds Alms Alphabet Also Altemat Always Amateur Amazed Amazing Ambit...
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  • Spring '10
  • fahad
  • Management Analysis Management, Good Good Good, Production management Production, Management development Management, Bank credit Bank, exchange exchange exchange

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