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Unformatted text preview: angaroo Kayak Keen keep (kept) keep calm keep quiet Keep track of keeper Ketchup Key key Key ring - / Key to history Keyboard Keyboard Kharijites Kick Kids Kind Kindness King Kiss Kitchen Kite Kitten Kiwi Knee Knee Kneel Kneel Kneel down Knife Knight Knock Koala L.E. L.O.U. (I owe you) Label Label Label Labeling Labelling Labour contract Labour court Labour dispute Labour Party Labour productivity Labour relations Labour supply Lace Ladder ladies and gentlemen Lady Lair Lake Lamb Lamp Landmark Landscape Landscapes Landslide Lane Language Language Lantern - - - (.. - - ) Lap Lapel Large Larger Lasagna Laser printer Lash Lash Last Last Last fall Last forever Last month Last spring Last summer Last week Last winter Last year Late Later Latifundia Latte Laugh Laugh Launch Laundered money Laundering Laundromat Laundry Lawn Lay- off Lay down Lay off workers Layoff Lazzy Leading Lean Leare Learn Leather Leather Leave Leaves Leaves Lecturer Leek Left Legend Legislation Legislative body Legislator ( law maker) Legs - - ( ) / / Leisure facilities Lemon Lemon Lemonade Lemonade Lending Length Length of visit Lens Lentils Leopard Leopard Lessee Lessor Let's = let us Letter Letter of credit Lettuce Leverage Leverage Levy Liberty Library Library Libraty Licence License plate Lick Lid Lie Lie (lay lain) Lie down Lie to Life Life jacket Lifeboat Lift Lift (ed) Light Light bulb Light switch Lighter Lighthouse Lighthouse Lightning Like Like this that Lime Limestone Line Line management /...
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  • Spring '10
  • fahad
  • Management Analysis Management, Good Good Good, Production management Production, Management development Management, Bank credit Bank, exchange exchange exchange

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