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Unformatted text preview: () ( ) ( ) - - - - - / Line with straw Linear responsibility chart Linen Linerar production Link Lion Lips Lipstick Liquid ratio Liquor List Listen Literature Literature Livestock Lizard Llama Loan amortization/ payback/ refunding / repayinent Lobster Local Local dishes Local governorate Locate Lock Locker Log onto the Internet Logical Logistic capacity Long Long- term planning Long Long for Look Look Look after Look at Look for Look forward to Look like Look like Look like Lord Lorry Lose Lose (lost) Loss Loss of fitness Lotion Loud Loud Lounge chair / / - - - () - ( ) - - - - Love Love Lovely Low Low Lower Egypt Loyalty faithfulness Luck Luckily Lucky Lucky Luggage Lunch Lung Lungs Luxury goods Lynx machinery Mad Made from Made of Made with Magazine Magians (magi) Magnet Magnificent Magnifying glass Maid Mail Mailbox Mailman Main Make (made) Make a fire Make a journey Make a living Make sentences Makeup Male-dominated society Malnutrition Mamelukes Man Management analysis Management appraisal Management by objectives Management development Management rations Management services Manager Manager Managerial grid Mandolin Mango ( ) / - Mania Manufactured by Manufacturing Manure Many Map Marathon Marble March March March March third Marching band Marginal accounts Marginal costing Marina Marker Market Market value Markings Marquee Marsh Martial arts Mask Mass production Mass production Massive Massive Massive Massive turnout Mast Master plan Match Matches Material Mathemat...
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