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Unformatted text preview: o question There may be There might be Thermos bottle These They are They are They are They are They are They were They were 12 ( ) ( ) ( ) They were Thief Thigh Think Third Thirsty Thirteen Thirteen Thirty Thirty Thirty one Thirty two This fall This month This spring This summer This week This winter This year Thoughtful Thousand Three Three Three hundred Three o'clock a.m. Three o'clock p.m. Three thirty a.m. Three years Throat Throat Throw Throw pillow Thumb Thumbtack Thunderstorm Thurday Thursday Ticket Tie Tie Tie Tiger Tights Tile Tilt Time Time study Tin Tip Tire Tissues To abstain from food and drink To adopt Islam ( ) 13 30 3 To be exempted from fasting To be stuffed To belie religicn To break one's coverant To call for prayer To change words from their context To debate an issue To dissolve parliament To fire a worker (dismiss) To give a month's notice To give notice To hospitalise To interfere To judge with equity To modify To process food To recite the creed To recruit workers To renegade from one's religion To renew the contract To testify To vote a law To vote down To wash hands up to the elbow To worship Toast Toast Toaster Today Toenail Toes Together Toilet Toilet paper Tolerant Tomato Tomorrow Tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow evening Tomorrow morning Tongue Tongue Tongue Toolbox Tools Toothache Toothbrush Toothpaste Top Top management Top surgeons Torah tort / Torte Toss Totally Tote bag Touch Touch Tour bus Tour guide Tourism Today Tourist attractions Tourist...
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