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Unformatted text preview: ppers Float Floating gardens Flock Flood Flood (v) Floor Floppy disk Florist Flow chat Flow process chart Flower Flower pot Flute Fly fly (flew flown) fly (pl. flies) Foam Fog Folder Folk hero follow (ed) following Fomous writers Fondue Food food Food from the air Food processing fool foolish Foot Football football football ground football match football team 5 / / / / - - () footbridge footpath Footprint for Forearm Forefeiture Forehead foreign Foreign capital Foreign currency Foreign exchango earner Foreign policy Forest Forgiveness Fork Form Fortress Fortress Fortunately Forty Forty forward Fossil fuels Foul Foundation Founder Founders Fountain Four Four Four hundred Four meters long Four o'clock a.m. Four o'clock p.m. Fourteen Fourteen Fourth Fox Fractures Fragile Frame franc France free free Free of charge Free zone Freedom Freedom freedom Freer access Freezer Freight 40 / 4 14 / - French French fries Fresco Fresh Friday Friday Friend friend Friendly friendly frightened Frightening Frog from Front Front desk Frontiers-borders Fross value Frozen Fruit fruit Fruit fruit is expensive Fruit salad Frying-pan Full employment Fun fun Function relations Funds Funnel funny funny Fur Furnished Furnished furniture Fuse future Gallery Game Gap. Default/ deficiency Garage Garbage can Garden Garden hose Gardening Garlic Gas station Gasolin...
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