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Unformatted text preview: roup grow (grew, grown) Guarantee Guard guard (ed) Guess guessing guest guide Guide book Guitar Gun Gymnastics Habit Hair Hair conditioner hair cream Hair spray Hairbrush Half Half past one p.m. Half past three p.m. Half past two p.m. Hall hall Ham Hamburger Hammer Hammer Hammock Hand Hand over Hand truck Handler ( ) ( ) () / Hang Hang up Hanger Hanging gardens happily Happy happy Happy new year Harbor Hard Hard boiled eggs Hard disk Hardcore sector Hardware Hardware Harmonica Harness Harvest has got = has Hat Hatch hate (d) Hatred Haul Have have have got have got = have have got to = must have to Hawk Hay He He is He is He was Head Head dress Headache headache Headlights Health club Hear Hearings Heart Heart-lung machine Heartbeat Heavy Heel Helicopter Hell Hello hello , hallo, hullo Helmet Help Hem Hepatitis Herd Here Heritage hidden hide (hid, hidden) High High-value High heels Highlight Highway Hiking Hill hill Hip Hippopotamus Hire Hire History hit (3) Hockey Hoe Hold Hold hold on Hold tight Hole hole Holiday Holy Books Honey Hood Hook Horizontal expansion Horse Horse racing Horseback riding Hospital Host Host Host Hostess Hot Hot air balloon Hot dog Hot money Hot springs Hot water Hotel Hotel staff Hour - - Hours House House painter Household sector housewife (housewives) How how how...
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