Amy Chua - Amy Chua's essay"A World on Edge poses...

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Amy Chua’s essay, “A World on Edge,” poses interesting points on free-market democracies and globalization. In her text, Chua often utilizes the particular word/ phrase ‘market’ to display the different contexts it is used in; by doing so shifting the meaning and elaborating her language. In the first instance, Chua refers to intensified global markets as a broad term to show the dominance of the Chinese business markets in Filipino culture which increase the Filipino poverty rate. In relation Chua demonstrates how markets are a source of negative competition in democracy which eventually lead to ethnic hatred and violent demonstrations of hatred by stating that it is, “A phenomenon… that turns free-market democracy into an engine of ethnic conflagration.” Markets, in this sense display the tensions ethnic groups have toward each other when one dominates the other, especially in the case of the Filipino and Chinese inter-mingled markets. These, “market-dominant minorities,” are the main source of the conflagration. The idea of these
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Amy Chua - Amy Chua's essay"A World on Edge poses...

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