Final Question 1

Final Question 1 - In order to justify killing him...

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Final Question 1 Thesis: Bonhoeffer’s decision to seek peace through violent means is best justified by the ethical system of Sartre and would be more contrary to the ethical views of Levinas and Aristotle. Sartre Sartre’s Subjectivity No transcendent ethics Nothing inherently wrong with killing Responsibility Sartre believed that there were no transcendent ethics but that morality was taking responsibility for one’s actions Not blaming actions on circumstances You always have a way out suicide “We are alone with no excuses” Bad Faith Sartre speaks against: Ignoring or denying one’s complete freedom and the arbitrariness of all things Trying to pawn off freedom and responsibility on someone/something else.
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Bonhoeffer Levinas The problem of the face Technically Hitler is ‘human’ and does have a face
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Unformatted text preview: In order to justify killing him Bonhoeffer has to ignore Hitler’s face The face forces one to say “I am responsible for helping this person” Levinas’ biggest criticism of the Nazis they justified their actions by dehumanizing the Jews, they stopped considering them human. The problem in this is that in order for Bonhoeffer to justify killing Hitler within Levinas’ system, he would have to dehumanize Hitler, deny that he his human. He would have to do the exact same thing that Levinas criticized the Nazis for. Aristotle Virtue is in the mean Killing is an extreme Bonhoeffer is going towards the extreme of resistance Aristotle would advocate for indifference and blending in during WWII...
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Final Question 1 - In order to justify killing him...

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