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video notes - Criticism also comes from inability to...

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Utilitarianism Video Do the Ends justify the Means? Ross Harrison Enlightenment questions custom and traditional authority Believes that utilitarianism is right for at least trying to determine when one must be sacrificed for the many instead of avoiding the question. Jonathan Glover There is a problem with comparing the happiness of separate people Some people think that nature has an intrinsic value Utilitarianism rejects that Swedish Philosopher The basic idea is simple But the details need to be worked out in a complex way Utilitarianism gives more of a concrete answer than any other system Reason for criticism is “ends justifying the means”
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Unformatted text preview: Criticism also comes from inability to predict future benefits/consequences Rejects intrinsic value of nature Because it would ultimately require the sacrifice of human kind. Charles Taylor The downside of utilitarianism is far more difficult to trace than the upside The downside is always bigger than it was thought to be Arnae Ness Nature has intrinsic value Diversity is a value in itself Peter singer Rejects value of diversity Needs clarification of what kind of diversity • Sewage in river example (microbes)...
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video notes - Criticism also comes from inability to...

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