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1 BRADLEY UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Political science 459 Reading assignments Fall, 2005 Mr. Lermack This is a course in the constitution. In this first half, we deal with the powers of governments. The second half, PLS 460, deals with the rights of individuals. The teaching goals are 1) to acquaint the student with the place of the Supreme Court in the national government; 2) to describe the Court’s idiosyncratic decision making procedure; and 3) to trace some important legal concepts through American history. There are also teaching goals not directly connected to the subject matter: 5) to expose the student to examples of legal reasoning, and 6) to help the student develop his or her powers of logical analysis. Text: Ducat, Constitutional Interpretation , 8 th ed. 2003, ISBN 0-534-61398-5 Method of Instruction will be the case method. Students are expected to read and outline the assigned cases before the day on which they will be discussed, and to come to class prepared to discuss them. Regular attendance is required. The instructor will reduce the semester grade of any student with excessive unexcused absences (ordinarily, six or more) by one full letter grade. Grading will be on the basis of one comprehensive final exam which will count 40% of the semester grade; two midterms (25% each) and an assessment of classroom performance (10%). All exams will be essay-type and will require bluebooks.
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