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Duncan v. Kahanamoku

Duncan v. Kahanamoku - post hoc ruling the court ruled that...

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Duncan v. Kahanamoku 1946 I. Facts a. While Duke Kahanamoku was a military police officer during World War II , he arrested Duncan for public intoxication . At the time, Hawaii , not yet a state, was being administered under the Hawaiian Organic Act which effectively instituted martial law on the island. Duncan was therefore tried by a military tribunal and appealed to the Supreme Court. In a
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Unformatted text preview: post hoc ruling, the court ruled that trial by military tribunal was, in this case, unconstitutional. b. II. Legal Questions presented a. b. III. Answers a. IV. Reasons (by ___) a. Form of argument b. Legal doctrines V. Dissent reasons VI. Concurring reasons Notes Pretty much a repeat of Ex Parte Milligan...
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