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Morrison v Olson

Morrison v Olson - Mor r ison v Olson 1988 I Facts a The...

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Morrison v. Olson 1988 I. Facts a. The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 created a special court and empowered the Attorney General to recommend to that court the appointment of an "independent counsel" to investigate, and, if necessary, prosecute government officials for certain violations of federal criminal laws. b. The situation from which the case arose involved subpoenas from two subcommittees from the United States House of Representatives directing the Environmental Protection Agency to produce documents relating to the efforts of the EPA and the Land and Natural Resources Division of the Justice Department to enforce the Superfund law. Ted Olson was the assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel . President Ronald Reagan ordered the Administrator of the EPA to withhold the documents on the ground that they contained "enforcement sensitive information." This led to an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee that later produced a report suggesting Olson had
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