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Medieval issues

Medieval issues - Important Medieval Issues Universals"Sue...

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Important Medieval Issues Universals “Sue is female and human” Extreme Realism: (Plato, ST. Anselm?) Universals: A. Exist in reality B. are not empirical (by nature) C. are independent from things that have them. “Pro”: If universals aren’t real, we discuss fictions Original sin The essence humanity was infected That infection has been passed down Holy Trinity Three Aspects of one Essence (God) “Con”: In what way, do we all partake of humanity? How do we relate, specifically, to the universal? Pantheism? Problem is that in extreme realism, God = Being Does God have to obey the universals? Moderate Realism (Aquinas) Universals are in the mind, but are formed by grouping together OBJECTIVE features in individual objects. The pattern is in God’s mind
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Conceptualism (Abelard) Universals are “concepts” or mental entities .
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