Kant - I mmanuel Kant (1724 1804) Konigsberg (now...

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Unformatted text preview: I mmanuel Kant (1724 1804) Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) Wolffian/Leibnizian "Silent Years" 1770-1781; Kant reads Hume Major Works: Crit ique of Pure reason (1781, revision 1787) Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics (1783) Foundation to the Metaphysics of Morals (1785) Crit ique of Practical reason (1788) Crit ique of Judgment (1790) Newton & The enlightenment Laws of nature Foundations of Science ("Wissenschaften") Certainty M iddle Ground: Rationalism & Empiricism A priori vs. a posteriori knowledge Kant's "Copernican" revolution Intuition (passivity, receptivity) Sense data (content) Space and t ime (form) Intellect: forms of judgment (12) Synthesis (by intellect) The "I" [apperception] & the object of knowledge Cognition (experience) Causation Each event is caused and linked Phenomena [appearances] & the empirical world Noumena [Things in themselves] Cognition vs. thinking (postulating) Metaphysical problems Phenomena vs. Noumena Causality vs affection Transcendental "ideas" Soul, cosmos, God Soul empirical self vs. a soul [Goal at which to aim] Cosmos: first cause Freedom God and the "as if" Two points of view Existence is not a quality or property Value of the cosmological argument Regulative vs. constitutive concepts of reason. Pragmatic value Moral Theory Act as if we were free Freedom: Not being affected by emotion & passion Giving a law to ourselves (as if we were God) Laws: universality Categorical Imperative The good will ...
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Kant - I mmanuel Kant (1724 1804) Konigsberg (now...

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