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Knowledge - Knowledge Descartes Believed to find knowledge...

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Knowledge Descartes: Believed to find knowledge one must use intuition and deduction. Basically intuition held the concept that you break things all the way down until they are self evident. Then using deduction you proceed step by step till you understand everything. This is along the lines of Hyperbolical Doubt however the issue is if an evil demon tricks you into finding an intuition it could be false thus all knowledge can be false. The only thing you can know for sure is that you exist because you think, even if you are tricked. Spinoza: Believes in three levels of Cognition. The first is opinion. This is what most of us have. It is seeing the world through senses and following our senses. Then there is reason: This is a step up up and it and this is following things using method and not senses. However this is affected by temporality and that is subjective. And lastly there is Intuition: this is when you see the world from a gods eyes event. This is the only way to actually see the world since it is untemporal.
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