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Self Descartes: I think therefore I am. Since sensory perceptions can deceive us we cannot rely on them to prove we exist. However since I can think I know I exist. Even if I am being tricked in my mind you must exist to be tricked. Therefore I exist. (Everyone between here seems to be the same as they don’t tackle the “self”.) Hume: The self is a constant stream of consciousness. However the self is a grouping of multiple different things at certain times. He also believes that the self disappears when one goes to sleep since your no longer conscious. Thus the self is only “awake” when you are
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Unformatted text preview: awake I THINK UNSURE HERE. SELF IS THE CONTENT OF EXPERIENCE. Kant: Believes like hume that we can never have an impression of our Self since it lives in the noumena world. Self is necessary for existence, however he does not believe the Self can be known as a substance since substance is a category for unifying elements within experience. The self underlies all of our experiences however can never be found. We can study behavior and things of that nature but that will never fully line up with true self. That is a grouping of phenomena that is categorized based on regularities....
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