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Substance-1 - Substance Descarte Mind-Body The Body is an...

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Substance Descarte: Mind-Body. The Body is an extension in space. Space can be either more dense or less dense however it doesn’t change. The mind is not extension. There is a medium between the two but he doesn’t go into it. Spinoza: Descarte Believed the soul was independent with his substances and Spinoza disagrees. We are dependent because we are created by god and/or our mother. The only substance for Spinoza is God since it is infinite and without a cause. Anything that is without cause and infinite would not exist since it would be the same as the god substance. And if it differed from god substance it would not be infinite thus not a substance. Only one substance in the world and it has no cause and it is infinite. John Locke: Believes in two substances Primary and secondary qualities. Primary qualities can contain extension, solidity, shape, motion or rest, and number. Primary qualities represent how things are in the world.
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