Schopenhauer - Epistemology determines representation Will...

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Arthur Schopenhauer (1788—1860) Platonist, Kantian, dislikes Hegel Fourfold Root of Principle of sufficient Reason (1813) Criticism of Leibniz/Spinoza/Hegel Kant’s 12 categories = one category (causation) The World as Will and Representation (1818/1844) Two sides of same coin For Schopenhauer, the thing-in-itself exists within will instead of in the “Noumenal realm” There aren’t two different realms, they are two parts of the same thing. The world of Noumena and phenomena are the “same” thing. Everything in the universe is “will” which is a-rational. It is turned into rational through the principle of sufficient reason.
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Unformatted text preview: Epistemology determines representation Will underlies or undergirds everything. (as something non-rational) Will assumes the role of the ‘thing in itself’. Causes the ‘thing in itself’ to become something internal. We have direct knowledge of will (Think Spinoza) Colors our world. We only have cognition of phenomenal world, but all in that world is derived from us. Will is reminiscent of Will-to-Power or Freud’s Id. The Will is a-rational Pessimism Escape/Resolution Art & aesthetic experience. (Think Plato here) Denial: Endo of suffering (Think Buddhism.) A saint. Not suicide An ethics of compassion. One-ness of Will....
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Schopenhauer - Epistemology determines representation Will...

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