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test prep chart - world are two sides of the same thing...

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Self Knowledge Hegel Determined by social forces and history Identity is in difference Hegel knows selves in terms of categories The self is a type of abstraction Personal qualities are unimportant Dialectic Identity in difference Concepts don’t make sense unless contrasted to their opposite Can’t have white without non white Knowledge is also historical, absolute knowledge is knowledge of all of the precondition that make up our knowledge now Knowing the framework though which we know Schopenhau er Will underlies everything Will is Noumena Ultimately we all have the same wills The will is a-rational: it doesn’t follow the rules of rationality Irrationality Will and the world as representation (phenomenal
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Unformatted text preview: world) are two sides of the same thing will Will and reason are two sides of the same coin But the world of Noumena is slightly more basic Kierkegaard What is important for self is relationship to infinite Self is in the “stages of life” Aesthetic, ethical, religious Truth is in relation rather than fact Subjective truth Being-in-truth Orthopraxy: truth in action is primary over truth in knowledge or doctrine Wittgenstei n Two different Wittgenstein’s Early says truth is in precise use of language World is the totality of facts not things Late says truth is in the use of the word or the language game...
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test prep chart - world are two sides of the same thing...

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