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Egypt Notes Feb 2, 09

Egypt Notes Feb 2, 09 - • Scorpion King’s mace...

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Egypt and Western Civilization Enduring impressions Written Records Power Egypt as an analog for America: Bringing order to the World Immortality Language & Literacy Technological Mastery “…the Egyptians developed a distinctive culture characterized not only by economic prosperity but also by a powerful sense of self-confidence and optimism” -Levack, et. Al. 25b Egypt: Means and methods to Civilization Hydraulic Society Irrigation
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Unformatted text preview: • Scorpion King’s mace head (3100 BCE) ♦ Depicts irrigation in the artwork on the head Language Privileged Scribes Centralized Identity We vs. Everyone Else (Levack 36b) Nubia Ethiopia Hyksos Immortality Afterlife Pharaoh’s Role in cosmos • Mythopoeism & Analogic Thinking Egypt and the International Bronze Age Four Regions Commerce, Diplomacy, Warfare Military Technology...
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