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Greek 102 Exam 2 Review

Greek 102 Exam 2 Review - Outline for the 2nd exam:3

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Greek 102 Exam 2 Review Vocabulary αρεσκει It is pleasing δεικνυμι I show καθοραω I look down on το αιμα Blood ο λεων Lion το μεγεθος Size το τεκνον Child ο τοπος Place ασφαλης Safe λιθινος Of stone, made of stone εντος Within, inside ανω Above * εξαιφνης Suddenly κατω Down δηπου Doubtless δειπνεω I eat (dinner) * κρυπτω I hide οικτιρω I pity η οργη Anger ενιοι Some επι Toward μη Not πολυ Far, by far τημερον Today *** αγορευω I speak [in the Assembly] αναγιγνωσκω I read βουλευω I plan θυω I sacrifice πολεμεω I make war, I go to war προκειμαι I lie before ψηφιζομαι I vote η αρχη Beginning; rule; empire η εκκλησια Assembly ο πρεσβυς οι πρεσβεις Old man, ambassador (usually plural) Ambassadors ο ρητωρ Speaker; politician μυριοι μυριοι 10, 000 Numberless, countless νεος Young; new ενεκα For the sake of, because of εαν If
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ινα So that, in order to αρχω I begin; I rule επιβουλευω I plot against νομιζω I think πληροω I fill προαγω I lead forward η αναγκη Necessity η δικη Custom; justice; right; lawsuit; penalty η δυναμις Power, strength; forces (military) ο ιδιωτης Private person η στρατια Army η τιμη Honor ο τροπος Manner; way η χωρα Land αδυνατος Impossible; incapable δυνατος Possible; capable εκατερος Each (of two) ομοιος Like τελευταιος Last τοιοσδε Such (as the following) τοιουτος Such χρονιος Lengthy κατα Down ιδια Privately ***πεζη On foot ανθισταμαι I stand up against, withstand ανισταμαι I stand up εισβαλλω I invade λυοω I wash, (middle) I wash myself υπαρχω I am η αναστασις Forced move; move; evacuation η φυλακη Guard; garrison οστις Anyone who οσος As great as επειδη When; since πριν Until ενδιδωμι I give in, yield ζευγνυμι I yoke οδυρομαι I grieve προσδεχομαι I receive, admit; I await, expect η αμαξα Wagon η βουλη Plan; advice; council το εαρ Spring οι οικειοι The members of the household; family οπυργος Tower
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Greek 102 Exam 2 Review - Outline for the 2nd exam:3

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