13th - MATH 120 SPRING 2008 WEEK 13 RECITATION (1) Plot the...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 120 SPRING 2008 WEEK 13 RECITATION (1) Plot the gradient vector fields and level curves of the functions given below: (a) f (x, y) = x2 - y 2 (b) f (x, y) = + x2 + y 2 (2) Evaluate xy 2 ds C where C is given by r(t) = (cos t, t, sin t). (3) Evaluate xydx + ydy C where C is the sine curve y = sin x, 0 x /2. (4) Let F(x, y) = (y, -x) and C be the line y = 1, -2 x 0. Is the integral of F on C negative, positive or zero? Why? x (5) Let F(x) = |x|3 in R3 . (a) Sketch the vector field in R3 . (b) Integrate the vector field on the parabola y = x2 , z = 1 (c) What is the meaning of the result? 1 ...
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