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Unformatted text preview: A Comparison between the Newtonian Universe and Reality Physics 1116, Spring 2009 As strange as Einstein ʼ s theory of relativity may seem to you, it is the way the real world actually works. It is in fact the Newtonian universe that is a fictional construct, albeit one that very closely approximates the “real universe” at speeds much less than c . Below, I will try to illustrate some of the similarities and differences between these two “systems”. Let ʼ s take for the purposes of this comparison, two inertial reference frames : a “stationary lab frame” which we call O, and a “moving spaceship frame” which we call S. S is moving along the +x axis at a speed v, relative to O. Let ʼ s assume β = v/c and γ = [1 – β 2 ]-1/2 . Let ʼ s a consider two identical rulers, L O in frame O and L S in frame S, and two identical clocks, C O in frame O and C S in frame S. Expectations from Newtonian Mechanics What REALLY happens The laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames...
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