Lecture 10 - o3.13

Lecture 10 - o3.13 - Final review sessions: Monday march...

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Final review sessions: - Friday March 16 th 5:00-5:50 pm SSL290 - Monday march 19 th 5:00-5:50 pm SSL290 Doesn’t matter which one you go to - Look at review sheet before going! Thursday discussion at 3 & 4 are cancelled Review sessions instead of discussions! Final review sheet on website Bring Scantron!! Kung marriages & kin – take off Polygamy – more than one spouse Polygyny – man with more than one wife Polyandry – woman has more than one husband Read open eyes article! The body – susan – objects [take out of study guide] No essay on final Need to study because will help :] 400 –points 80-100 questions Gender, kinship, marriage, and sexuality - Trobriander matrilineal view explained by the way they see conception Emily Martin wrote an article called “the egg & the sperm” - Our western perspective on biological reproduction is “biased” by our culture values - Sperm + egg = baby - The sperm is presented as aggressive/active - The egg is presented as passive - Biased & non objective view o Biological reality is different o Reproduction: sperm & egg are both active, could argue egg is more aggressive Egg pulls sperm in - The biological reality is that the egg’s role is just as active or even more active than the sperm - The egg uses a protein “key” to grab & hold the sperm - Western society stereotypes on how men & women behave o Men: aggressive o Women: passive o Social values projected on cells (egg, sperm) Gender roles are social constructs (just like kinship roles) - French music video o Song about broken promises of love
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Lecture 10 - o3.13 - Final review sessions: Monday march...

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