Lecture 3 - o1.23

Lecture 3 - o1.23 - Video on Yanomamo Napoleon Chagnon Took...

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Video on Yanomamo Napoleon Chagnon Took him a long time to get them to respect him He thought they were disgusting in the beginning Tried to find genealogy – spent a year doing it Book with photographs and names Everything was a lie!! Many of the questions he was asking was taboo/forbidden They lied! And made stuff up It took him a long time for them to trust him and tell him the “truth” Anthological research can take a long time in order to build rapport It takes time to do good research Learning about other cultures is hard Takes a while for people to understand other people’s culture It’s a process Understanding beliefs, practices, and values takes time & doesn’t come naturally to people - Tylor, Morgan, Spencer = “Armchair Anthropologists” = “Scientific Racists” = “Unilinealists” always put Europeans as “civilized” - Franz Boas o German born Jew o Boas was marginalized because of his race o Went to college in Germany o He did a physics PHD studying the properties of seawater in the Artic He met the Eskimo/Inuit peoples of Greenland and Canada He thought they were different than how they were described o After he finished his PHD he left Germany and came to the U.S. o Boaz came to the U.S. during the time of Ellis Island Seen by Anglo-Americans as “dirty immigrants” & “bad immigrants” Polluting American social life Protest & social unrest when Boaz came to the U.S. Was a period of racial tension and social unrest in the U.S. in the 188o’s and the 1890’s 1860 American civil war Over equality Supposedly people are not equally by law, but culturally and socially not equal - Craniometry
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Lecture 3 - o1.23 - Video on Yanomamo Napoleon Chagnon Took...

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