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Lecture 5 - o2.o6 - Lecture topic Impact and results of...

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- Lecture topic: Impact and results of industrialization - Industrialism began in the 1800’s o Introduced new system of living People were not accustom to it or happy with it o E.P. Thompson [reading] “time-discipline” became part of the industrialized lifestyle Time discipline – living lives around what time it is Life revolves around what time it is – organized around the structure of the clock Thompson thought it was NOT normal to live this way Clocks were not widely owned items until the industrial revolution Need the clocks because they were working in the factories Factories, beginning in the 1800’s, began to force people to organize their lives around the clock Thompson thought that this was a difficult change for people Before the rise of factories, most people lived lives that were task oriented Farmers – organized time related to seasons & cycles of night and day The agricultural/farming lifestyle was very different Organized by seasonal cycles Freedom o In factories constantly supervised & controlled o Different sensibility of how one works - Some historical changes occurred that caused people to have to leave farms and work in factories o Population growth caused some people to leave farms to try to work in the cities Not enough land to go around o The enclosures – serfs and peasants rented land from the nobility If the nobility no longer wants to rent land out then the peasants need to leave and find another place to work Needed to go to cities to get jobs Nobility started to cut off renting it out because they realized they could earn more money by doing other stuff Wool Became economically advantageous to own sheep
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Lecture 5 - o2.o6 - Lecture topic Impact and results of...

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