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Lecture 8 - o2.27 - -We have a very small amount of genetic...

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PAPERS ARE DUE IN LECUTURE NEXT WEEK!! Paper needs to be FULL 5 pages Meant to be life history – actual life of person with actual events Want to know what THAT person’s life was actually like [not what the general public did] DON’T over generalize!! Don’t generalize from your informant’s life Don’t talk about generalizations about everyone in that country Don’t forget to include interview notes to paper Don’t need to be typed up Could be in foreign language if written in a foreign language Interview notes don’t count as 5 pages!!! Must staple or you’ll lose points!!! FOCUS of paper is the informant’s actual experience!! Race: the power of an illusion [Video Guide] Handout Key Points: - Genetically – no biological reason for separating us into races - We are NOT genetically different enough to spilt us off into a handful of races
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Unformatted text preview: -We have a very small amount of genetic differences between us as human beings -Physical differences [superficial differences] do not map on to anything from a genetic standpoint -Skin color is not a marker of any other genetic similarities-Skin color is related to environment and population settlement o Location near the equator produced darker skin color -One theory is that people in the north got less sunlight & therefore had lighter skin to access vitamin D more readily & quickly o Not an absolute fact o It is a belief as to why skin color in the north [further from the equator] is lighter -We all genetically come from the same ancestors -No considerable differences to justify dividing us up into different races...
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