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Sheet1 Page 1 Econ 416 Country Project The paper is due on the last day of classes. The final output is going to be a paper written about a developing country of your choice. This main material must be no longer than 1 page (single spaced) or 2 pages (double spaced). You can have a separate cover page which has your names, the country name and any other information. You may also have a separate page (at the end) which lists all the sources you used. These will not be counted towards the 1 page limit. The paper should read like an introduction of your country to a person who does not have intimate knowledge about development issues of the country. For the assignment, you will be incorporating as many issues discussed during the course of the semester to explain the development status of the country. Discuss the issues that have contributed to the lack of growth in that country. Discuss the distribution of income within the country (inequality). Here are some questions that you may try to think about which may help you frame the paper. I want
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