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Unformatted text preview: Readings (Weeks 1 & 2) Miller and Spoolman, Chapters 1 and 23 Tierney, J. "Betting The Planet" McCoy, C. "When the Boomster Slams the Doomster, Bet on a New Wager" Peterson, W. "Introduction to Demand and Supply" Baumol, W. and A. Blinder "Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation" pp. 739 746 Goodwin, N. "Externality" "Food Prices Not As High As We Think", Perishable Pundit Ausubel, J., D. Victor, and I. Wernik "The Environment Since 1970" Do Markets Lead to Socially Desirable Results? Not Necessarily - Market Failure Examples - Income Distribution Externalities Externality - Side-Effect of Production or Consumption, Not Appropriately Reflected in Production Cost or Market Price Negative Externality - External Cost Positive Externality - External Benefit Common Property Resources ...
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