Causes of urban growth sources pop growth births

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Unformatted text preview: Sources and Causes of Urban Growth Sources: pop growth = births - deaths + immigration - emigration natural increase, net migration Causes (for net migration): pull factors - higher income jobs, education, health-care, cultural opportunities push factors - farm mechanization, government policies Major Problems of Cities socio-economic problems: poverty - homelessness, unemployment, crime inadequate health-care & education services environmental & infra-structural problems: air and water pollution, noise pollution decaying infra-structure (roads, bridges, buildings, sewers) inadequate provision of public transportation, sanitary waste disposal, parks & open spaces Urbanization in the United States 79% of the population lives in urban areas, occupying 3% of land almost half of the population lives in metropolitan areas containing 1 million or more people Urbanization in the United States current general migration patterns: from central cities to suburbs & small cit...
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