S cars are used for over 90 of travel to work mass

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Unformatted text preview: cles, bicycles, walking in U.S., cars are used for over 90% of travel to work mass transit includes subways, trains, buses, airplanes constitutes 5% of travel in U.S., 15% in Germany, 47% in Japan buses are more flexible and cheaper to operate than trains Automobiles worldwide statistics 800 million cars, trucks, and buses Over 85% of cars & trucks are in MDCs (32% in U.S.) 10% of the world's population owns cars advantages of cars improve freedom to move auto industry provides jobs & tax revenues - nearly half the world's incomes are auto-related Automobiles disadvantages of cars accidents air pollution water pollution noise pollution road congestion loss of open-space Mass Transit in the U.S. statistics 24 million users in 1945 4 million users today history 1917-1945: well functioning electric street-car and trolley systems in most major cities by 1950, auto manufacturers (e.g., GM), tire companies, oil companies, and other auto related interests bought these mass transit systems in 83 major cities...
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