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Unformatted text preview: Readings (Week 7) Miller and Spoolman, Chapters 22 and 13 "Living with the Car: No Room, No Room," The Economist, December 6, 1997 Boyd, J. K. Caballero, and R. D. Simpson "Carving out Some Space: A Guide to Land Preservation Strategies," Resources, Summer 1999, pp. 10-13 - http:// www.rff.org/rff/documents/rff-resources-136.pdf Population Distribution between Urban and Rural Areas Urban Area: town or city (including adjacent suburbs) with population of more than 2500 Degree of Urbanization: percentage of a region's population that lives in urban areas Urban Growth: rate of increase of urban populations Trends in Urbanization globally, degree of urbanization increased from 2% in 1850 to almost 50% in 2008 urban growth in MDC's is currently much lower than in LDCs large cities are growing bigger and increasing in number - 19 cities with over 1 million people in 1900, more than 400 such cities today poverty is becoming increasingly urbanized The World's Megacities...
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