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Unformatted text preview: Readings (March 23 March 25) Miller and Spoolman, Chapter 12 Mellor, J. "Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Countries" and "The Intertwining of Environmental Problems and Poverty", Environment, November 1988 Prosterman, R., T. Hanstad, and L. Ping "Can China Feed Itself?", Scientific American, 1996 Kates, R. "Ending Hunger: Current Status and Future Prospects" Consequences, 1996 Doctrine of Prior Appropriation potential problems: in times of scarcity, junior-right holders (i.e., downstream users) might have no water "use it or lose it rule" does not give senior-right holders any incentive for conservation possible solution: water markets Water Markets & Water Conservation introducing water markets leads to higher water prices and induces conservation water markets are likely to be politically acceptable if senior-right holders retain proceeds from sale of water water suppliers and regulatory agencies could also charge higher wa...
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