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CHAPTER 33 LIABILITY OF PARTIES ANSWERS TO CHAPTER 33 True-False Multiple Choice 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. T 6. T 7. F 8. F 9. T 10. T 11. T 12. T 13. d 14. c 15. b 16. c 17. d 18. d 19. d 20. c 21. c 22. d 23. a Short Essay 24. No, by accepting the draft, M contracted to pay according to tis face value at the time of its 25. H may collect on either indorser’s liability grounds or for breach of a transferor’s warranty. One transferor’s warranty is that no defense existed that was good against
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Unformatted text preview: D. Since D’s minority is a real defense, P has breached this warranty. 26. Yes. This is an "imposter" situation. Under the "imposter rule," anyone can negotiate an instrument by indorsing it in the name of the payee, and thus make the transferee a holder. The rule applies on these facts. Answers to Student Study Guide and Workbook Questions 56...
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