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CHAPTER 52 ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS ANSWERS TO CHAPTER 52 True-False Multiple Choice 1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. F 6. F 7. T 8. F 9. F 10. F 11. c 12. d 13. c 14. a 15. c 16. c 17. a 18. d 19. c 20. a Short Essay 21. Although both laws impose strict liability and joint and several liability on a respondent, CERCLA (Superfund) is primarily concerned with cleaning up abandoned hazardous waste sites. RCRA, on the other hand, addresses current waste disposal, requiring a hazardous waste manifest to accompany the disposal of such wastes “from cradle to grave,” and containing provisions for landfill disposal practices and wastewater treatment plants. 22. Wetlands are transition zones between land and open water. Under the Clean Water Act, any dredging or filling activity in a wetland that is part of the navigable waters of
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Unformatted text preview: the United States requires a permit before the activity begins. The permit program is administered by the Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with the EPA. 23. The Corps should be required to file an Environmental Impact Statement, which can be a burdensome process. You are allowed to comment on the environmental impact of the dam before the Corps can proceed. Where the proper process is not followed, you also can go to court to force compliance with NEPA. 24. Because it doesn't directly impose substantive environmental standards with penalties for their violation, and because it only applies to the federal government. Business Law and the Regulatory Environment, 11E 87...
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