SV1-Eval form

SV1-Eval form - 1. COMPONENTS OF PAPER • Introduction...

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TCEM 172-     Site Visit 1     Student                                                         Attraction                                                Web-     Live WEBSITE REVIEW Site name, location, brief description Classifications, categories, roles per Chs 1-4 Critique [2-3 statements] on  organization and content of site INTERVIEW – Focus on/summarize success factors Rep interviewed   Name/Position/Resp. Area how rep  defines/ measures success-generally 172-based success factors interview results connected to 172 topics APA:  personal communication citing SITE VISIT Interested in core product? 4 feeling-based impressions—beyond liking or disliking site or aspects of it
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Unformatted text preview: 1. COMPONENTS OF PAPER • Introduction [who, what, when, where, why] • Body of paper • Brief summary and concluding statement • Credit sources/APA format • Picture 2. NO DIRECT QUOTES 3. COVER THE REQUESTED TOPICS 4. FORMAL-NOT-CONVERSATIONAL TONE 5. SUBMIT TO TURNITIN 6. SUBMIT TO ONCOURSE 75% Content /112 of 150 pts Extra Credit/Writing Center Visit 10 pts 20% Writing/30 of 150 pts F on paper if 5 or more errors 5% APA /8 of 150 points • 1% all sources cited, not APA 1.5 pts • F on paper if any source not credited • F on paper if not submitted to Turnitin BJ...
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SV1-Eval form - 1. COMPONENTS OF PAPER • Introduction...

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