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Angelina's Handout

Angelina's Handout - Final Review Handout BE 112A Prepared...

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1 Final Review Handout BE 112A Prepared by Angelina NOTE: This is meant to serve as a study guide for the lecture notes. Please make sure you review ALL course material as you prepare for the final exam. Please refer to the first handout for material covered prior to the first midterm. Good luck! 1. Passive Mechanics of Soft Tissues a. Design an experiment to test the mechanical properties of a cylindrical artery about 2 cm long with wall thickness 0.02 cm. i. What assumptions can you make? _____________________________________________________ ii. If the artery excised as a cylinder, design a mechanical test to determine the properties in τ rr and τ θθ . Diagram where the stress is applied and what quantities will be measured. τ rr τ zz iii. What does the stress vs. strain curve look like? Label approximate values, units, ect. iv. What are the three forms of strain and the formulas in index notation? What are the approximate values if the artery is stretched from the initial length 2 cm to 2.4 cm?
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