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hw2 - BE 112A Homework#2 BIOMECHANICS W 2010 Due Wednesday...

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BE 112A BIOMECHANICS W 2010 Homework #2 Due Wednesday 1/20, 5:00 PM before class No late submissions Reading Assignment : Flow properties of blood (Section 3.1) and synovial fluid (section 6.7.2). Study Assignment : - Study and memorize the names of the larger blood arteries and veins, especially those feeding into vital organs, e.g. the heart, lung, brain, kidney, liver, intestine, arms, legs and other organs of the body. You find references to anatomical drawings and names in any text on human anatomy. For this purpose prepare in your notes a schematic sketch starting from the heart and aorta. Label each vessel with its anatomical name. An example of such a sketch for the central arteries is shown in Section 3.1 in the reference: Biomechanics: Circulation. Which ones of these blood vessels can you feel with your fingertips? *Analysis Problem : One of the constitutive equations proposed for whole blood has the following form ij   p ij 2 ( J 2 ) V ij where V ij is the rate of deformation tensor (strain rate). J
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