msis 616 strategic plan

msis 616 strategic plan - Headquarters Forrester Research,...

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Unformatted text preview: Headquarters Forrester Research, Inc., 400 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA Tel: +1 617/613-6000 Fax: +1 617/613-5000 CIO ROADMAP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Its April and you are four months into your organizations Fscal year. You know that within six months youll need to have your operating plan for the upcoming year in fairly solid shape. You also know that creating an operating plan without a longer-range strategic view is like driving a car looking only at the stripes in the road immediately in front of you. But developing or updating your IT strategic plan, avoiding thrashing, and creating a plan that drives action requires that you have a roadmap and a schedule. TARGET AUDIENCE Chief information ocer STRATEGIC PLAN MUST BE CURRENT, OR IT WILL SUFFER FROM LACK OF DIRECTION Increasing IT-business alignment, improving IT governance, boosting IT value, and prioritizing IT investments are the top four CIO concerns for 2007. 1 CIOs know that they cant attack these concerns in an unplanned, totally opportunistic manner if they want to make progress. is is why an IT strategic plan that addresses both the what and how of these priorities is essential. 2 An eective strategic plan should embody a number of attributes, from relevance to stakeholders to being just ambitious enough (see igure 1). THE FIVE PHASES OF YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Creating your strategic plan should be a project with a plan and a timeline of its own, and should be viewed as iterative. e plan is just that, a plan, and is subject to revision as the business changes. Like any IT project, your strategic plan development should pass through Fve phases, with their distinct activities, followed by the ongoing activities of monitoring and governing and reviewing results following roll-out (see igure 2). Phase One: Defne Your Plans Purpose A clear purpose for your strategic plan enables you to focus your work, which favorably inuences the amount of eort you put into its development, its length (a focused plan will be shorter than an un-focused one), and your audiences understanding of the plan (more will be gained from a shorter, focused plan than from a longer one). is phase will involve the following activities: April 10, 2007 The IT Strategic Plan Step-By-Step Deliver An Actionable Plan In A Reasonable Timeframe by Alex Cullen and Marc Cecere with Craig Symons, Bobby Cameron, Lewis Cardin, Laurie M. Orlov, and Bo Belanger CIO Roadmap | The IT Strategic Plan Step-By-Step 2 2007, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited April 10, 2007 Figure 1 Attributes Of Eective Strategic Plans Figure 2 Phases Of Strategic Plan Development And On-Going Review Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 42024 Relevant to stakeholders Ecient covers just what is needed Traceable from performance measures back to business needs and drivers Documents assumptions and rationale Fits IT governance (decision-making, oversight) model...
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msis 616 strategic plan - Headquarters Forrester Research,...

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